Saturday, February 23, 2008

America, declining, paves the way

It may seem that there is not a significant Russian response to the Kosovo declaration of independence but after the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 it turned away from the West and joined into strategic alliance with China, a turn that most in the West didn’t pay attention to then and are not paying attention to now. The West is going to pay a catastrophic price in the future for failing in the 1990’s to bring Russia into the Western alliance. It’s already starting to pay the price but is still in denial. In 2008 the US and EU again stick their fingers into the eyes of Serbia and Russia and don't expect them to draw obvious conclusions or to respond.

America in the 1990’s broke with a long standing policy dating back to Woodrow Wilson to support Yugoslavia as a bulwark against German expansionism. Germany already dominates the EU and the emerging EU army. By America’s support for execution of German policies in Yugoslavia the path has been cleared of obstacles to Germany’s reemergence as a world power. Furthermore, in two phases America cleared the path for Iran to emerge as a world power: first, led by Jimmy Carter whose policies led to the success of the Islamic Revolution in Iran; second, led by George Bush who eliminated the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, Iran’s enemies in the region.

In two world wars Germany allied itself with and supported Islamic jihadists and mass murder.

- In WW1 it encouraged its allies the Turks to commit genocide of the Armenian Christians.

- In WW2 it committed genocide of the Jews, supported fascist Croatians and fascist Albanians in their genocide of Jews, Serbs, and Roma, and in the Middle East supported the Muslim Brotherhood in acts of violence and murder of Jews.

At the end of the twentieth century Germany with US backing actively supported and encouraged the Islamic jihad (KLA) and its ethnic cleansing and mass murder of Serbs, Jews, and Roma, and it supported the reemergence of fascist Croatia and its cleansing of the Serb Krajina. Why shouldn’t we expect more of the same from Germany in the twenty-first century?

America is a declining world power that has cleared the way for the emergence of Germany and Iran as world powers, the resurgence of fascism and anti-Semitism in Europe, the success of the Islamic jihad in the Balkans, and a coming titanic conflict. American foreign policy at best can be described as anti-American and anti-Western.

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