Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Expect stupid thinking on the Balkans

Response to “Expect the Worst in the Balkans” by Dr Paul Kengor published on

It is amazing that Dr Paul Kengor with the Hoover Institution can write an article with so many glaring inaccuracies, too numerous to completely refute here. He trips up early on, accusing Milosevic of calling for a greater Serbia. Even a read of the US Government translation of the speech will disprove that accusation. Kengor enjoys calling Serbs ‘goons’ and ‘butchers’. He refers to the creation of Yugoslavia as a deformed by-product when in fact its creation was supported by the US as a bulwark against German adventurism in the Balkans (a policy that Clinton discarded). He says nothing about German support for the Croatian fascists and KLA jihadists, a German policy supported by the US. He takes a poke at the Russians (a habit of cold-warriors) when they didn’t pour gasoline on the breakup of Yugoslavia unlike Germany and the US. He mistakenly accuses Serbia of starting four wars. What is he talking about? Is he referring to the Yugoslavian federal army that was unarmed and left Croatia? Is he talking about the civil war in Kosovo, started by the KLA supported and trained by German special operations? He refers to Milosevic as an ethnic cleanser. Where did it happen? Not in Croatia where the Krajina Serbs were cleansed backed up by the US and Germany. Not in Bosnia. Not in Kosovo were only about 2400 bodies have been recovered from the civil war, about evenly split between Muslims and Serbs. He refers to US troops in Kosovo to keep the peace while the Muslims make further progress on cleansing Kosovo of Serbs, Jews, Turks, and Roma. This is the short list.

He is right just once when he says that ‘The region is the graveyard of hopes and dreams’. He must be referring to himself.

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