Friday, February 15, 2008

Muslims use multiculturalism to strike at our shadow

Western collective guilt has condensed into a blind spot, or shadow, as a kind of highly energized collective complex. In individuals and in the collective, a complex, when highly energized will override the ability of consciousness to think or feel about the reality of the object. The object will become imbued with a highly idealized intellectual or feeling artifice. Multiculturalism now permeates the Western psyche and is the intellectual artifice that has been adapted to mask this collective complex. In consequence most people in the West cannot define or understand Islamic intentions.

Where does this Western collective guilt (excessive self criticism) come from? In the 1960’s the extensive use of psychedelic and other drugs acted as a caustic acid upon inherited cultural foundations and brought about a psychic reversal (Enantiodromia) in that generation that subsequently has come to dominate nearly all Western public institutions. Progressive and deconstructionist movements from the late 1800’s contributed to the build up of counter cultural structures that were ready to re-anchor the culture. Another contributing factor is the de-Christianization of the West that in the early 1900’s both Carl Jung and Rudolph Steiner predicted will be well advanced by the end of the twentieth century.

Muslim psychology. Islamic civilization stands upon a foundation constructed from rules in the Koran and Hadiths and it all comes down to submission to Allah. Not love, not faith, not good works, just submission. It does not foster, in fact it impedes the development of individual conscience as opposed to Christianity which has fostered the development of individual conscience in the West.

Muslims do not think like we do in the West, they think without individual conscience. While our morality and ethics is driven by the need to be and know truth, the Muslims’ is not truth based, it’s a simple morality of that which advances Islam is good and otherwise it’s evil. This is why Muslims make outrageous lies and horrific terrorist attacks and are not embarrassed even when caught. This is why the West makes terrible mistakes, the Western shadow overlaps or is projected onto the Muslim so we want to believe Muslim lies (since they are people too and like us are mostly good and truthful, so we think), we cannot imagine they can be as evil as they are, make excuses for them, and try to blame ourselves.

Expressed another way, we in the West operate with a bipolar morality of good and evil that we admit can be personal and that our conscience must arbitrate, whereas the Muslim operates with a bipolar morality of Muslims are good and the other is evil, without conscience. The morality of the West does not map to the morality of the Muslim. The Muslim very clearly sees the internal conflicted nature of the West and plays upon that conflict. Muslim media disinformation in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s and more recently by Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza are only a few examples of striking at the Western internal conflict. Muslims use multiculturalism and its language to strike at our shadow which is our Achilles Heel.


DMartyr said...

Great article!

One thing I would add is Islam's promise of salvation. I couldn't do the concept justice trying to explain it here. But Walid Shoebat, ex-Muslim and former terrorist does an excellent job of explaining it here:

(in case the link doesn't show, it's YouTube video 7Fvot4Xoyno)

BTW, I added your link to my blog. :)

DMartyr said...

I should have added above - In the video, the point of salvation starts around 4 minutes in.