Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jews must (eventually) leave France?

The following is from a Dr Phyllis Chesler interview with Phillipe Karsenty after he won in French Court against a charge of libel by Channel 2 in France. He proved in court that Israeli forces did not kill twelve year old al-Dura, as presented by Channel 2 in France. The MSM blasted the public with Channel 2 agitprop, but shows no interest now that the story is shown to be a fake.

Q: Do you believe that the Jews must leave France? Europe?

A: I don’t believe that Jews must leave France or Europe now. But, it is a question that has to be addressed by the European authorities pretty soon. Jews can’t live in fortresses like they now have to do. Synagogues are protected like banks, or even better. This is not acceptable. And the only reason is because of the brainwashing (Israel bashing) that European people are subjected to. Stop the anti-Israel propaganda in the media and the people will stop hating the Jews. If this cannot be done, then the Jews will have to leave, sooner or later. This particular case of the media propaganda will may be solved soon if media start to correct their bias, starting with the al Dura fraud.

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