Monday, June 16, 2008

Croatian fuhrer Ante Pavelic liked eyeballs

From Vukovar Follow-up Posted by Julia Gorin under Republican Riot

[...] excerpt from Italian author Curzio Malaparte’s book Kaputt, in which he writes of visiting the Croatian fuhrer Ante Pavelic in 1942:

“…The Croatian people,” said Ante Pavelic, “wish to be ruled with goodness and justice. And I am here to provide them.”

While he spoke, I gazed at a wicker basket on the Poglavnik’s [fuhrer’s] desk. The lid was slightly raised and the basket seemed to be filled with mussels, or shelled oysters.

Ante looked at me and winked, “Would you like a nice oyster stew?”

“Are they Dalmatian oysters?” I asked.

Ante Pavelic removed the lid from the basket and revealed the mussels, that slimy and jelly-like mass, and he said smiling, “It is a present from my loyal Ustashi…Forty pounds of human eyes.”

This peasant woman’s eyes were gouged out for the eyeball collection of Ante Pavelic [who remains a hero among the majority of Croatians today].

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