Sunday, June 29, 2008

Croats Mythologize Ustasha Cutthroats

Ustashe Über Alles June 27, 2008

All the protestations against allowing world tours and concerts of Croat neo-Nazi singer Marko Perkovic Thompson, notorious for glorifying the most macabre cutthroats world has had a misfortune to know -- Croat WWII fascists (Ustashas), have fell on deaf ears in Croatia.

Croat officials even complained that certain Serbian and Jewish organizations are infringing on their "freedoms" by seeking a ban on the morbid Ustasha-glorifying spectacles by the famously untalented "musician", gathering crowds of young Croats dressed for the occasion -- wearing swastikas, Ustasha symbols and other fascist insignia, and thunderously chanting Nazi salutes, Sieg Heil and the Croat fascist version, Za Dom Spremni.

[...] The city mayor Marko Ozic Bebek, who helped fund the graduation schoolbook project, blamed those "who are attacking singer Thompson" and "who see such symbols everywhere" for the scandal. Perhaps those swastikas on the photos of the high school graduates from his town are also a figment of our imagination.

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