Saturday, June 21, 2008

The ethnic cleansing of Christians in Egypt

The whole truth about the butchery and desolation in the oldest Monastery in the world, Deir Abu Fana, in Egypt

The war on terror is a deceiving term; it’s a war on the symptoms of terror, or the consequences of terror. When you eliminate cancerous cells on top of the skin you don't eliminate cancer, you have to extirpate it from its roots, or it will spread all over the body. They may succeed to destroy some rotten fruits, but the tree is producing other fruits, every day. And the tree producing the rotten fruits is the koran, and islamic teaching.

These are not just words; these are simple facts that doesn’t require a high IQ to figure out, and time will prove it.

[...] Muslims are the only people on earth that it's against their religion to, "live and let live." Their "faith," order them to live and kill, those who don't adhere to the same, "live and kill," doctrine.

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Comment: Islam killed 1.5 million of my people, the Armenians, during WW2, and killed about 10 million over the fourteen centuries since that filthy, deceitful, mass murdering, degenerate, lying, pedophilic religion came out of Arabia. If Islam cannot reform itself away from the prophet of pedophilia and mass murder then civilized humanity should disinfect it from the face of the world.

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