Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Eurabian Revolution

by Gregory M. Davis

The modern age is the age of revolution, and the Eurabian Revolution is but a continuation of a process that hearks back to before the French Revolution of 1789. Today’s Eurocrats are on the verge of accomplishing what previous generations of revolutionaries, with all their evil genius, failed to bring about: the destruction of Europe as a distinct civilization. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Eurabian Revolution is that it is being effected so completely from within the halls of power, which is perhaps why so few seem to be aware that a revolution is afoot at all. But a genuine revolution it is, which, like its predecessors, can only culminate in a similar spiritual and material oblivion.

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Comment: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I cannot over-recommend it. Read it carefully, don't miss a word.

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