Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama will stab Israel in the back

From WindsOfJihad

"The promise by Obama in his AIPAC speech to “personally” take part in a renewal of Israeli-”Palestinian” negotiations is worrisome. Very. It should fill everyone with anxiety. For everything about Obama until now — the people he has allowed to tell him all about “Palestine” (Rashid Khalidi), the people who were his early financial backers (Anton Rezko, who in turn is backed by an Iraqi billionaire), his early political backers (Rev. Wright, possibly Louis Farrakhan), his choice of foreign-policy advisers (Zbigniew Brezezinski, and Samantha Powers), his endorsement by Jimmy Carter, all point in one direction.

And his endorsement of one undivided capital is “just words,” until we see exactly what he means by this. And he should be asked. Does he mean Jerusalem as the Israelis now define it, and include the Old City? And what else does he mean?"

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