Monday, June 30, 2008

Genital circumcision in Islamic society

By Arius
June 30, 2008

Let us reference genital circumcision in Islamic society and one article among several that discuss it (Middle East Times, Monday, June 30, 2008, here). It says “a 2005 report by UNICEF shows that a staggering 97 percent – yes, 97 percent - of Egyptian women between ages 15 and 49 in both rural and urban areas had been circumcised. Circumcisions range from clitoridectomies to almost total removal of the outside genitalia.”

What is the individual and social consequence of this? The physical mutilation blocks the manifestation of the Feminine archetype in Muslim women. These women are so disconnected from their feminine (and physical) nature that they will encourage their children to commit suicide for some ‘cause’. But the Feminine has to go somewhere. It cannot be constrained. It will manifest and it manifests with a vengeance in Muslim men where it is a very angry Feminine that is demonic, destructive, and dark. It has many of the characteristics of a negative mother complex but its manifestation is far worse. It can be characterized as the negative Great Mother.

When I look at Muslim jihadis and what they say and do I see this negative Great Mother. For example they grow a beard but note that it’s clean shaven on the face down to the bottom of the front of the chin. So while they may think the beard shows they are men, showing their difference from and control of women, in actuality in their face is the negative Great Mother’s hairless face. When I think of the hair under the chin the image of a goat keeps coming up. The goat seems an apt characterization of Muslim men. These are men without conscience. Unlike us in the west in these men there is no right/wrong dialectic and therefore no internal moral struggle. They are possessed by the negative Great Mother which is an inflation by a god that will not allow self-reflection.

This tells me that the key to the reformation of Islamic society is through liberation of its women. When American forces went into Afghanistan and Iraq they should have had an Ataturk agenda to break the rule of the Imams and Mullahs and additionally and most importantly to liberate the women. American forces have had the opposite effect which has been to reinforce Islamic rule and to bow before it when they offend it.

In the Islamic world its women are the key. Liberate its women to liberate its men. We think the battle is with Muslim men jihadis but in the long run the battle is with Muslim women. We need to bring about their liberation.

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