Saturday, June 21, 2008

Muhammad suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy and agromegaly

Understanding Muhammad

Book review by Justin E. Tabler "jdam"

Whereas I had always assumed that Muhammad was simply schizophrenic, what with the bells and whistles, the flashing lights, and then the all-out audio-visual hallucinations, Sina's thesis is that Muhammad actually suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy and agromegaly, which he does quite a good job at proving through historical reconstructions and psychological profiling. A schizophrenic would be unlikely to rise to power in the way that Muhammad did. This explains the visions, the fact that he often believed something had happened when in fact it had not, that he was always paranoid and extremely insecure (although malignant narcissism also explains those), which caused him to forbid anyone from marrying his wives after his death (including his 18-year-old brain-damaged widow Aisha), from ever looking directly at them, or from ever uttering an unkind word about him. We see the ramifications of this today. If someone insults "the leader" (arms straight out, zombie eyes), watch how angry Muslims become. Watch how they treat their women: they force them to wear veils which serve to deprive them of 100% of their diginity, identity, their femininity, and their sexual power; they murder their female relatives for speaking with an umarried male in public, etc., etc. This is partly because his agromegaly caused a greatly increased sex drive combined with impotence which even modern medicine is often unable to overcome. This fact, combined with his loveless upbring and abandonment by his mother, led to an extreme misogyny. Misogyny is obviously nothing more than narcissistic projection, since women are capable of doing everything that men are, plus childbearing, and most importantly here, controlling men with our sexuality. What two attributes do misogynists ascribe to women, Muhammad himself quite explicitly? Stupidity and weakness. Why? Because misogynists, even when they are intelligent enough to understand that they are being controlled, still allow themselves to fall under the spell of female sexuality, thereby making them necessarily weak, stupid, and subconsciously ashamed of that, particularly in a shame culture. So normal, natural sexual desire becomes unnatural, evil hatred. Pretty sick.

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