Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Neo-Nazis Gain Government Seats in Saxony

June 11, 2008 | From theTrumpet.com
Germany’s neo-Nazis have quadrupled their party base in the eastern German state of Saxony.

For the first time ever, Germany’s neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (npd) now has representatives in every county council in the eastern German state of Saxony. During Saxony’s municipal election on June 8, the npd received approximately 160,000 votes from across the state. That is a 400 percent increase from the npd votes received in the 2004 municipal election.

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Pro-Nazi Party’s First Win
Not since Adolf Hitler has a pro-Nazi party won state parliament seats. The world was shocked. But we weren’t. You urgently need to understand why. By Gerald Flurry

“Only fools cannot be worried about Germany in the light of the chilling ascendancy of pro-Nazis in Saxony-Anhalt’s state election…. The anti-Euro appeal to fear and loathing has turned into a horrific success in Saxony-Anhalt. Watch now for the Nazis to march into other key, selected states. The results threaten all of Europe…” (ibid.). The Nazis are going to force the major political parties to accept much of their message of hate! And that means hatred for America and Britain most of all. These are primarily the nations that beat them in World Wars I and II. The great American industrial power was very instrumental in the Allies’ victory.

That means we are at the top of their hate list. America and Britain are the nations they plan to destroy first! That is what the Nazis have been planning since World War II!

The U.S. State Department recently released classified documents in which the Nazis laid their plans for a future World War III just before the close of World War II.

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Comment: Three times in the twentieth century Germany allied itself with and supported Islamic jihadists and mass murder.

  • In WW1 it encouraged its allies the Turks to mass murder the Armenian Christians.
  • In WW2 it mass murdered Jews, supported fascist Croatia and fascist Albania and their mass murder of Jews, Serbs, and Roma, and allied with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
  • In the 1990's Germany with US backing actively supported and encouraged the Islamic jihad (KLA) and its ethnic cleansing and mass murder of Serbs, Jews, and Roma, and it supported the reemergence of fascist Croatia and its cleansing of the Serb Krajina.

We should expect more of the same from Germany in the twenty-first century.

PS: There is much evidence of leftist/islamist/fascist alliance in Europe. Study what happened in Yugoslavia in the 1990's, there you will find much evidence of a fascist/islamist alliance supported by the left, and supported by Europe (mainly Germany) and the US. This is a most ominous development, similar to the 1930's. My hope is fading for the future of Europe and the US.

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