Thursday, June 19, 2008

Policeman in trouble for reporting pro-Nazi singer

11 June 2008 | 15:18 -> 18:06 | Source: FoNet

Josip Gašparac, a long-serving inspector in the Zagreb police, has been suspended for reporting singer Marko Perković Tompson, writes Jutarnji List.

Tompson in concert (Beta)
Tompson in concert (Beta)

A criminal complaint was filed on suspicion that Tompson had been guilty of racial and other forms of discrimination during a concert on Bana Jelačića Square in the Croatian capital on May 30, “to the detriment of Croatia, its citizens and national minorities,” writes the Zagreb daily.

[...] The Croat singer has been criticized for glorifying Croatia's WW2 Nazi puppet Ustasha regime, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Romas and Jews.

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Comment: More evidence of strong explicit fascism in Croatia. To all you idiots that still continue to demonize the Serbs after all the evidence since 1999 to the contrary I hope you are now happy that the US supported German agitprop and the fascist groups in Yugoslavia. Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Islamist, and the Left in Europe are now a united front that are anti-semitic, anti-democratic, and anti-Western. To it I say, go to hell!

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