Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quietly, an Update on Schook’s Corruption Emerges

Posted by Julia Gorin

The former American brigadier general said he left because he loved his job too much, but that wasn’t the real reason. It also wasn’t because of his supposed weakness for beautiful Kosovar women, or because he considered it useful to “get drunk with Ramush Haradinaj once a week,” as described in a German situation analysis.

No, Steven Schook’s contract was officially “not extended” after the UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) investigated his administration and looked into (unproven) reports that the American had revealed the whereabouts of a man who had testified against Haradinaj. The man was living under a UN witness protection program.

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Comment: Some are saying that Schook has been cleared of all allegations, but who was in charge of the investigation? Since the 1990's western authorities in the Balkans have run one cover up after another as necessary to keep cover on their agendas. Most outrageous has been western disinformation on mass murder, always supporting the Muslims and Croatians even though they were responsible for almost all cases. UN personnel on the ground would issue objective reports that UN headquarters would spike if it didn't meet the agenda. Canadian soldiers are still trying to have Croatians indicted for mass murder, but alas, the agenda. This is the very short list. Anyone who approaches the history of the breakup of Yugoslavia and thinks they know something by reading the accepted histories and reports by western governments and mass media has been deluded. It takes a lot of work to get to the truth about the Balkans. Whenever you face a supposed 'fact' you should always look for contrarian evidence or sources that have been truthful in the past, and multiple sources that are unrelated to each other. Unless you do this you will end up believing that there was a Serb rape camp with ten thousand Muslim women, which didn't exist! Four women had been raped, but Gutman won a Pulitzer Prize for his report that was a lie. I get a special laugh watching those that don't believe the US military acquittal of US soldiers accused of murder in Iraq and but do believe anything the same western authorities say about the Balkans.

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