Wednesday, June 25, 2008

US State Dept: Greater Albania an internal matter

June 25, 2008

State Department's Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey has said in a press briefing on Monday that a formation of a Kosovo Albanian "National Party for Greater Albania" that seeks to acquire territories from neighboring countries is an "internal matter for them".

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Comment: This was always the Muslim agenda in Kosovo. First cleanse Kosovo of Serbs, Jews, and Roma, then gain independence, then start building Greater Albania. They tried it in WW2 with the backing of Hitler, but when Hitler fell the Greater Albanian fascist state fell. They are back, and this time with US and EU support. The US State Dept has also tilted to Azerbaijan against the Armenians. It seems that if you are an Orthodox Christian the US State Dept will support your enemies. To hell with the EU and the US State Dept.


Bulix said...

Albania and Kosovo, as well as FORYM are three of the most Pro-American and Pro west states in the Balkan. What US has began whispering, that is officially using the phrase “Greater Albania”, is something which will stabilize the whole region. A strong democratic Pro-West state in Balkan is necessary to aid US in maintaining world piece. After all, USA is built on some of the most unique and similar values as the ancient Illyria, in Albanian -Illyria which directly translates into the “Land of the Free”. Yes, Freedom for Everyone, that includes Serbian. We don’t discriminate. Believe in what god you chose, live as you wish. FREEDOM , Thanks America

Arius said...

From Bulix we hear the sweet tongue of the double talking back stabbing lying Muslim. While with one hand they mass murder non-Muslims with the other hand they put on a lying front to the World, all the while single focused on the advancement of Islam and subjugation of the infidel.