Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who Burned the Historic Bibliotheca Alexandrina?

Written by Fanous, The Free Copts
Thursday, 05 October 2006

“[…] concerning the books that you have mentioned, if they contain things in accordance to Allah’s Book [the Koran] then Allah’s Book is enough. And if they contain things that contradict what is found in Allah’s Book, then we do not need them.” Ibn Al Aas subsequently ordered the books to be distributed to Alexandria’s baths to be used to light their warming fires.

In his book History of the Wise Men, the Muslim historian Al Qifti mentions that the burning of these books continued for almost six months, and that the only books that were spared were some of Aristotle’s books, in addition to some of the writings of Euclid the mathematician and Ptolemy the geographer.

The story of burning the Serapeum’s library on the hands of the Arabs is further supported by the testimonies of many Arab and Muslim historians such as the father of Egyptian historians Al Makrizi in his Sermons and Lessons in the Mention of Plans and Monuments, Ibn Al Nadim’s The Index, and Georgy Zeidan’s History of Islamic Urbanization.

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