Monday, June 9, 2008

Why Arabian Gulf Countries Donate to US Universities

By Jamie Glazov | Monday, June 09, 2008

Anyone wishing to be a successful graduate student and eventually a professor of Middle Eastern Studies has to know that if they stay away from certain questions, like the abuses of authoritarian Arab regimes, and focus on other questions, like alleged shortcomings of Israel or the US, they might get several million dollars dropped in their lap. In addition, the students of the favored professors who receive millions of dollars are more likely to advance further in the profession.

Students of other professors without the status of multi-million dollar gifts will fare less well. Prospective graduate students who do not hold the views favored by the Gulf Arab donors are less likely to do well under this system and may choose to leave the field. So, the gifts do not change the views of established professors, but they significantly alter the selection and development of future professors of Middle Eastern Studies. And since these future experts will populate the faculty of other universities as well as government agencies, such as the State Department and CIA, these relatively small gifts can have a far reaching impact.

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