Sunday, July 13, 2008

Srebrenica Serbs Mourn Alone

July 12th, 2008, Byzantine Blog

On Saturday, Bosnian Serbs have again gathered to commemorate more than 3,500 Srebrenica Serbs massacred by Naser Oric's mujahedins stationed in the UN "safe haven" during the Bosnian civil war (1992-1995).
[Picture: Hollywood actress Mia Farrow joins Muslim prayers for the Bosnian mujahedins killed in the battle for Srebrenica. July 11, 2007, Bosnia-Herzegovina]

Unlike the day before, July 11th, when the world descends on Srebrenica to collectively mourn Bosnian jihadists who lost their lives during the battle for Srebrenica (July 1995), the butchery of Bosnian Serb civilians -- women, children and elderly from Srebrenica and surrounding villages -- went by, this year yet again, without the thunderous expressions of the righteous indignation by the Western ambassadors serving in Bosnia-Herzegovina, without the EU High Representative's moving and thoughtful speeches, without the foreign reporters and photographers hunting the most heart wrenching expression of grief, without the eclectic mix of obscure celebrities and Hollywood stars, eager to show their "human side" to the world, while straining to look pretty under the Muslim head coverings, in the midst of bellowing praises to Allah and ritualistic animal slaughter.

This year's commemoration of the victims of Oric's cutthroats and the tragedy of the Serbian people in this region was additionally burdened by the fact that the appellation board of the Hague tribunal had acquitted the only man thus far accused by the Hague for the genocidal crimes against Srebrenica Serbs, Naser Oric.

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Comment: Mia Farrow, another useful idiot in the West that will never miss an opportunity to run interference for the followers of the pedophile prophet of mass murder. Muslims in Bosnia followed the example of their prophet by mass murdering thousands of Serbs and practiced Islamic deception on the West to put the blame for mass murder on the victims, the Serbs. Fools like Mia Farrow should not be pitied, they should be damned to hell.

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