Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coming soon: the ACORN Constitution

By Melanie Phillips

Now we can see how foolish are all those who persist in thinking that as a ‘community organiser’ Obama was just a kind of souped-up charity worker. As has been pointed out on this blog and in numerous investigations published on the net, ‘community organising’ is straight out of the Alinsky/ Gramsci Marxist playbook – a means of radicalising the proletariat so that it takes power and overturns the values of the society. Instead of the founding Fathers and the Supreme Court, America is about to get a new constitution written by the thugs of ACORN.

Now we can see the change that we all have to believe in. It is America itself which is to be changed -- and the liberty that it defends crushed by state control.

As history tells us, sometimes democratic elections bring to power a leader who threatens freedom. This is just such a moment.


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