Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Crack Up Boom, Part XI

by Ty Andros, Editor, Tedbits Newsletter| October 28, 2008

We are nearing the first crescendo of the unfolding Crack-up Boom. As outlined in the 2008 outlook entitled “Wolf Wave, aka Thrill ride” the markets are set to experience an emotional and financial EXPLOSION. A coming explosion outlined many times since the April 2007 Tedbits “Fingers of Instability” series first identified the WOLFE wave. Those predictions have since materialized in a grander manner then I ever could have anticipated.

Incomes are COLLAPSING throughout the G7 and much of the world. The finest assets on the planet are about to land into NEW hands as their current owners were, as Warren Buffet puts it, “swimming naked when the tide went out”, and now they will pay the ultimate price of surrendering their most valuable possessions and businesses for pennies on the dollar. Make no mistake, it has been done intentionally by the banking cartels which own and control the Federal Reserve and have done this according to a well worn playbook. That the public is REPLACING worthless coupons, called G7 currencies, with their own future earnings is “right by the playbook”, for to them money is easily replaced by the stroke of a keyboard. Even King Midas would have been jealous.

Since the beginning of September, up to over 7 trillion dollars, Pounds, Euros, Swiss Francs, Aussie Dollars, Korean Won, etc. have been printed out of thin air and the bill for them has been sent to you and your children. Perpetual slavery of inextinguishable debt brought to you by your public servants and their partners in the international banking cartels. When crisis appears, you are in the most danger you can imagine and this time is no different, as they use FEAR (false evidence appearing real) to “save” you from their MALFEASANCE and corruption.


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