Friday, October 17, 2008

Demonizing Joe The Plumber

Obama Campaign & Surrogates Launch Investigation! AP Digs through Birth and Court Documents to Destroy Him!

Regardless of where you live or what your occupation is the story of Joe the plumber should be a wake up call for the middle class of this nation; not because of the socialist undertones of Senator Obama's 'Spread The Wealth' policies, but rather because of the reaction of his campaign, his surrogates and the fringe-left media to anyone that questions "The One".

Yesterday, left-wing bloggers, the fringe-left media, Senator Obama's supporters, surrogates, Senator Biden and Obama himself made the decision to ignore the serious realities of Obama's policies that will hinder the opportunity for upward mobility and instead made the decision to attack the voice of the 'average Joe' who dared to question the Senator, launched investigations into his personal life and launched a campaign to destroy his credibility.

Now let me first say, that if you think in any manner that Joe's personal life, where he lived or how he is registered has any impact on the simple question that he asked Obama, then you are living in a fantasy world. Joe is no operative of the Republican party, his simple question to Obama was in no way planned and his personal life has no bearing on the reality that Senator Obama's tax proposals are rooted in the purely socialist belief that we should 'Spread The Wealth'. But instead of responding to Joe's charges and questions; instead of denouncing the reality that Obama's tax plan is an exercise in socialism, Obama's campaign and surrogates reacted by trying to destroy Joe the plumber.

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