Monday, October 27, 2008

Judge Marinkovic: Racak was a Major Hoax

“I said it almost ten years ago, and I say it today: Racak was a major hoax! There was no ‘massacre of the innocent villagers’, but a legal and legitimate police action against the members of the terrorist organization of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army”, investigating Judge Danica Marinkovic told Glas Javnosti.

At the time of Racak setup, Danica Marinkovic was the chief investigator of the event which took place in the Kosovo-Metohija village of Racak. This ugly hoax and the vile setup was orchestrated by Mr. Massacre, American CIA operative William Walker, who was sent to Serbian Kosovo province under the guise of the OSCE Mission chief, with a task to create a trigger event for the long-planned US-led NATO aggression and bombardment of Serbia which lasted almost three months.


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