Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Losers in the Casino of Paper Money

Darryl Robert Schoon
Posted Oct 15, 2008

Buckminster Fuller in his introduction to The Critical Path in 1981 wrote:

Twilight of the
World's Power

Humanity is moving ever deeper into crisis - a crisis without precedent.

First, it is a crisis brought about by cosmic evolution, irrevocably intent upon completely transforming omnidisintegrated humanity from a complex of around-the-world, remotely deployed-from-one-another, differently colored, differently credoed, differently cultured, differently communicating, and differently competing entities into a complete integrated, comprehensively interconsiderate, harmonious whole.

Second, we are in an unprecedented crisis because cosmic evolution is also irrevocably intent upon making omni-integrated humanity omnisuccessful, able to live sustainingly at an unprecedentedly higher standard of living for all Earthians than has ever been experienced by any;

...that humanity now - for the first time in history - has the realistic opportunity to help evolution do what it is inexorably intent on doing - converting all humanity into one harmonious world family and making that family sustainingly, economically successful.

In 1981, Fuller predicted our present crisis. He also predicted its successful outcome. We are now in the crisis he predicted. You will not survive by hanging onto the old. You will survive by letting go. Buy gold, buy silver, have faith. Better times are coming.

Comment: Darryl Schoon is probably right about the safety of gold and silver for the long run.

But the idea that this crisis is leading us to the nirvana of worldwide wholeness is nothing more than a fantasy animated by the archetype of the Self. We in the West only see the bright side of the Self while its dark side is leading us to a well deserved catastrophe; we and our children will not see the end of it.

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