Sunday, October 12, 2008

Military Aid to Lebanese Army Means Guns and Ammo for Hezbollah

“The unreal equation here is that the U.S. grants $460 million to a Hezbollah-dominated government, thinking this half-billion dollars is going to be part of an effort against terrorism. But Hezbollah which has the upper hand over the political control of the Lebanese Army and has its hands and eyes inside the Lebanese government will be — at the end of the day — the final recipient of American military aid, as strange as it may appear.

“I am surprised that decision makers in the West, including in the U.S. really believe that helicopters, ammunition and Humvees will be used in any fashion against the will and the control of Hezbollah.

“Will the Lebanese Army use these weapons against Sunni Salafi militias in the north? Sure, as scripted by Hezbollah. The shrewd Iranian-controlled organization uses the Lebanese state to get U.S. weapons to be used against some local Sunni bands, while securing the strategic control over the entire country. As the 9/11 Commission puts it, ‘U.S. officials continue to have a failure in imagination.’”


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