Friday, October 31, 2008


By Neal Boortz

You need to understand that what I'll be talking about in this segment is totally and completely off limits. You're going to read some notes about Barack Obama's past statements and associations .. negative statements and negative associations. You will not read about these associations in the mainstream media. That would be because the mainstream media – and by that I mean the Beltway and New York City media – are totally and completely dedication to the election of Barack Obama as our next president. For the reporters and editors that comprise what used to be our most trusted source for news all pretentions of objectivity have been out the window. The new standards for reporting a news story are who, what, when, where, how and will it hurt Barack Obama. If the story can hurt Obama, and if it can be quietly killed, so it shall be.

Question for you, dear listener. If someone could come up with something that John McCain wrote a book or an article about 20 years ago in which he detailed his attraction to members of the Ku Klux Klan during his college years? Do you think for a minute that this would not be at the top of the front page of every newspaper in the country? Not to mention leading every television newscast.

But what if we have a candidate writing about his attraction to Marxism during his college years? News? Well, if that person is going to be on the presidential ballot on election day, you would think it would be news. Well .. that person IS on the ballot on election day, and it is most certainly NOT news.


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