Monday, November 3, 2008

The Battle for America's Future 48 hours..

By Walid Phares Nov 2, 2008, 18:51

In 48 Hours the Battle for America's Survival as a future free democracy and as a force in defense of human rights and liberty will be fought and decided.

Hundred millions American citizens will be casting ballots Tuesday all day not just to vote for a new President for the United States, but also and mostly to determine the future of this country and for the destiny of liberty in the world for the next decade and beyond.

This election will tell us and will tell future historians if Americans have been educated and informed enough about what is ahead of them and the challenges they will be encountering as a national community. Many Americans with all the good intentions, believe that they will be voting for "a change" with Senator Barack Obama. They do not know that the change they seek is legitimate but the change they will produce could throw America back to the 1990s and from there on into a world of uncertainties facing the forces of terror.

Many other Americans are casting their ballots for Senator McCain for fear from a change that would undermine their democracy. They are voting based on the deepest instincts they can reach. But they too want a change that would move the nation to a better state of affairs without having to lose freedom.

Unfortunately Americans weren't provided with all the enlightenment they deserve to know where exactly in History they are now. Are they chosing between two paths differing on socio-economics or are they voting on two journeys taking the country on diametrically opposed roads? Is America voting to become a besieged Constantinople and meet the same fate eventually or is it voting on freeing itself from that fate and liberating all those captive nations en route to defeat terrorism worldwide for good?

Lots to write about. Let's see how historical destiny will go on Tuesday..

Let's see if deep down, Americans' instincts will save them or not.


Walid Phares is a man that knows well the agenda of Islam. "Is America voting to become a besieged Constantinople and meet the same fate eventually"? What a prescient statement! America is doing much the same as the later years of the Byzantine Empire in its struggle with Islam and failing and suffering in similar manner. America is at a greater disadvantage compared to the Empire. With today's rapid fire communications, ability to hop across continents in airliners, access to weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, nuclear, and the coming nano technology weapons), how can American prevail? Islam will fight easily for the next hundred years, and America has already given up in about seven years. Is this not obvious? Are you going to argue with me that an America that elects Obama has not given up? The approximate 50% of the electorate that votes for Obama is saying We Give Up! You can have Israel! What these nitwits don't understand is that Israel's fate will be our fate.

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Anonymous said...

Walid Phares' article is chilling and historically truthful. It will only understood later, or too late. Who knows