Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas is axed in Oxford

Rowan Walker, The Observer,

Sunday November 2 2008

Council leaders in Oxford have decided to ban the word Christmas from this year's festive celebrations to make them more 'inclusive'. But the decision to rename the series of events the 'Winter Light Festival' has been criticised by religious leaders and locals said it was 'ludicrous'.

Sabir Hussain Mirza, chairman of the Muslim Council of Oxford, said: 'This is the one occasion which everyone looks forward to in the year. Christians, Muslims and other religions all look forward to Christmas. I'm angry and very, very disappointed. Christmas is special and we shouldn't ignore it.

'Christian people should be offended and 99 per cent of people will be against this. Christmas is part of being British.'


Comment: This is rich. Even a Muslim spoke out against not calling it Christmas. The native British establishment is disconnected from reality, even from itself.

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