Wednesday, November 12, 2008

America is heading to catastrophe

The election of Obama represents a titanic shift in America. A reference to the 1930's is apt, when the 'wotanic frenzy' washed over the temples of civilization in Germany. This is a similar time. After over fifty years of progressive deconstruction of the old ethic America has tilted from the tired representatives of the old ethic to that which thinks it’s new but is actually an anti-ethic with feet of clay. The latter can be essentially characterized by what it is against: the West, Christianity, white people, Jews, and democracy. It is difficult for us to see the archetype that animates (what I call) the anti-ethic because its source is foreign to us. White progressives led the deconstructionist charge through all the cultural institutions; the resultant void is being filled from the psyche of blacks and Islam. There were only a few in 1932 that could see the catastrophe to come, among them Carl Jung who said after WW2 ‘what if again something goes wrong with the psyche’?

Up to now we have had state capitalism with massive corruption throughout all the upper levels of business and government. But with a community organizer at the helm of the Democrats after fifty years of the progressive left’s deconstruction march through all the cultural institutions we are now descending into national socialism and all that it implies. What does a civilian national security force sound like, the brown shirts? Except that ours will be green shirts. Obama will seed all levels of government with leftists and Islamists.

Like Hitler that told us what he intended, Obama has telegraphed his intentions. What about his call for a civilian national security force? What about the public projection of the messianic complex on Obama? What of his obvious narcissism, typical of tyrants and dictators? What about his direct connections to supporters of the Islamic jihad? What about his fake conversion to Christianity, at best an anti-white anti-Jewish pro-Muslim Christianity? What about Nation of Islam personnel in his inner circle of advisors? What about his long direct association with Stalinist Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Islamists, and terrorists. What about Obama’s support for the Islamist Odinga that is complicit in the death of thousands in Kenya? And how can you explain the American media ignoring or covering all this up? You can’t use magic wand thinking to white wash all this away, and there is much more. For such a man to become President of the USA something has gone wrong in the American psyche. This speaks of an immense psychic reversal. Carl Jung refers to the process (enantiodromia) of the psyche in his Alchemical Studies (p245).

Those that have been calling America fascist have been projecting and telegraphing their intentions. Now they are going to get what they have wanted all along and it will be too late when they start to regret it. America is stepping across a point of no return.

America is heading to catastrophe.

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