Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fannie Mae CEO Thanks Obama/Democrats for support in lending money to the poor.

"The Republicans are being blamed for our current economic troubles, but if you take a look you'll see that its democrat policies that lead to this."

"Here Fannie Mae CEO thanks the Obama and Democrats for their support in giving loans to people who couldn't afford it!"

Watch the video.


Comment: The Democrats carry a lot of the blame for the credit crisis, but don't let the Republicans off the hook; they were also very involved in the 1990's with the Democrats in passing legislation that led us to our present economic crisis. Clinton and Bush set the stage (they must have been on drugs!), and now Obama is the next act in this drama. Don't project your salvation on Obama; if Clinton and Bush were on drugs, Obama is on psychedelics and steroids. Far worse is soon to be upon us.

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