Monday, November 3, 2008

George Soros Wants to Abrogate the Constitution

By Bill Frezza

In a speech last week at MIT, hedge-fund manager George Soros openly advocated abrogating the U.S. Constitution to pursue his recommended remedies for the worldwide financial crisis.

FDR used similar arguments to arrogate unprecedented power, bursting all constitutional constraints in the process. This power was then wielded to turn a difficult recession and stock-market crash into a fifteen-year depression as world trade was devastated by protectionist tariffs, tailors were put on trial for charging too little for pressing a pair of pants, crops were forcibly plowed under in vain attempts to raise farm prices as millions went hungry, and the vitiated free market was rendered helpless to correct its own errors. Despite all evidence to the contrary, many historians and most educators since have promulgated the myth that FDR saved the country from the depredations of unfettered capitalism.

History is repeating itself with accelerating fury.


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