Friday, November 7, 2008

Visceral anti-white racism in American blacks

What has been obvious for a long time is the deep current of visceral anti-white racism in American blacks. It is driving blacks in increasing numbers to abandon Christianity for Islam. Note that there is general acceptance (no discussion) of nearly all blacks voting for the black candidate. It seems that black racism is unconsciously accepted.

Many whites voted for Obama out of an unconscious desire for redemption. But they are projecting their redemption into an external object, a black politician. It is therefore not an act of redemption within the individual, with any real effort, and therefore no more real and as misleading as a miasmic mist.

Race in America is a Greek tragedy. Blacks will always be screaming racism at whites. Black Americans are addicted to their identity as victims. It is their means to acquire money and power over American society. If blacks get enough power they will oppress whites, and white people will cooperate with the implementation of their oppression due to their unconscious desire for redemption.

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