Wednesday, December 10, 2008


By Gates of Vienna

The Islamization of Europe has proceeded piecemeal, a bit here and a bit there. It didn’t happen all of a sudden, but crept in over a space of three or four decades. Asylum policy. Multicultural diversity. Economic migrants. Family reunification policy. The necessity of importing guest workers. Etc., etc.

With Barack Hussein Obama in charge, we’re aiming for full Islamization in one jump.


Comment: You are right to call the policies of the big BO 'open borders and outreach to Islam', whereas I call it 'descent into national socialism and dhimmitude'. Both are just different descriptions of the same process. The big BO is faking to the left of center to confuse the opposition; his second level appointments will be very progressive left. He will also hand out as much money as possible to his cadres like ACORN and others. Those organizations are his inner city brown shirts that he will build up as fast as possible. He will use any economic or military crisis to acquire more power (HA, just what the left always screamed about Bush). He will lull the Right into complacency while he pulls the rug from under their feet. What else can you expect of a protégé of Saul Alinsky? America has stepped across a point of no return.

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