Thursday, December 4, 2008

Terrorist's Lawsuit Against Prosecutor, FBI Agent Proceeds: An Omen of What's to Come When Obama Closes Gitmo

By Debbie Schlussel

The case of Karim Koubriti v. Richard Convertino and Michael Thomas is illuminating about what will happen--what we will see a lot of--if and when Barack Obama closes the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay and releases some of the terrorists onto U.S. soil.

Koubriti was a convicted Al-Qaeda terrorists, until vengeful, jealous, politically-correct "Justice" Department officials and an unhinged federal judge, Gerald Rosen, worked in concert with Koubriti and other terrorists' lawyers to overturn the jury conviction.

Convertino, despite all odds, won convictions of most of the terrorists in the first post-9/11 jury trial for terrorists. But we can't have that.

Convertino's boss, then-U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Collins, was in bed with Islamic extremsists and terrorists to the point that he was the date of a "former" Islamic terrorist at an awards banquet. He was upset that Convertino obtained a conviction that implicated local Muslim and Arab agencies, including ACCESS (the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services), which spent thousands in your tax money to provide job training--Commercial Drivers License and HAZMAT Hauling Certificate training, no less!--to the terrorists. And Collins and Convertino's colleagues were jealous of his positive attention in the press all over the world for the convictions.

So Collins and Justice Department officials worked with the convicted terrorists' attorneys to look for ways to overturn Convertino's convictions and ruin his life. And they succeeded.


Comment: Now that the fifth column of interference runners for the jihadists are in charge sit back and wait for Americans to start dying in the USA. And don't kid yourself, the fifth column up to and including the big BO himself will use every American death to increase their power over us.

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