Wednesday, December 3, 2008


by F. William Engdahl
December 3, 2008

NATO ministers in Brussels have decided to ignore US wishes and to delay the admission of Ukraine and of Georgia in effect indefinitely in what the Washington Administration is sheepishly trying to claim is a positive ‘compromise.’ The decision, following EU member state alarm last August over the prospect of European states having to go to war at some point against Russia over an incalculable despot in the Caucasus or in Kiev who decided to provoke Moscow to react, was simply too much.

The Germans have a far too deep and painful collective memory of the last war with Russia to be willing to treat such a prospect as lightly as Condi Rice or Washington seems willing to do. The decision deepens growing tectonic fault lines across the Atlantic, as the ‘Made in USA’ financial crisis deepens and the dollar looks more and more vulnerable once hedge fund repatriation effects by yearend wind down. The year 2009 will be clearly more turbulent even than 2008 in world geopolitics.

The Brussels decision is the more remarkable as an indication of the slipping power of Washington over European NATO members.


Comment: Note the important statement in the article:

"[...] the growing realization within the European officialdom that it was Georgia’s incalculable President, Mikhail Saakashvili, and not Moscow who initiated the adventure of sending Georgian troops to try to occupy the breakaway province of South Ossetia, that on evident encouragement of Washington."

When Georgia started the attack on South Ossetia it had all the DNA markers of 'made in USA'. This is very similar to the Croatian 'Storm' attack on the Serb Krajina, the largest act of ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia in the 1990's that also had US operational support. Hopefully this US strategy against the Russian Federation is spent, but it is still likely that the Obama administration will continue the foolishness of shadow projection on the Russians (after all, Obama is the stealth Muslim president who will throw over our allies like the Israelis to make nice-nice with Islam, traitor to the West that he is).

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