Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama: Our Sub-Conscious Savior

Obama is often portrayed by the media in a savior like pose, usually with a halo around his head. At first I was confused by this and wrote it off to the usual media stupidity, but it is occurring with such regularity and with so little comment by the media or public that I sense something here that requires deeper analysis.

The Obama halo motif being displayed is not restricted to any single group, therefore it is a symptom in the collective, at the national collective level.

There is almost no commentary by anyone in any group about the Obama halo motif, therefore it is operating at some level of the unconscious.

It spans the national collectivity, and operates in it unconsciously, therefore its roots are in the collective unconscious. This tells me that the energy behind the motif is coming from there and is likely constellated by an archetype of the collective unconscious. The next step is to look at the general meaning of the halo motif in history.

The Halo (to be continued...)