Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little prospect of East-West accommodation

By W Joseph Stroupe

[This is a MUST READ. It is in two parts,
(1) The contest for global domination
(2) Little prospect of East-West accommodation]

East-West competition is intensifying on a fundamental level for (1) control of the globe's finite strategic resources and (2) access to, and control over the world's finite capital wealth. These two factors constitute the life-blood of the industrialized economy of any nation, or any geopolitical grouping of nations.

This fact distinctly limits the range and degree of compromise and accommodation on both sides, East and West. The facade constituted by East-West ideological rivalry, which in the pre-1991 era gave thick cover to the fundamental East-West contest over control of the two vital resources named above, has been getting thinner and more transparent since the death of communism in 1991.

Since 1991, that facade has only thinly veiled mounting East-West competition over those vital resources. And now, with liberal capitalism massively discredited, and swiftly giving way to statism in the West, the dissimilarity between Eastern and Western political and economic ideologies is only becoming thinner.

We are moving into an era where East and West are much less dissimilar. We will soon have Western-style statism and Eastern-style statism, with only a thin difference between the two. Especially is that so when you consider that the mounting ill effects of the deepening economic collapse in the West will undoubtedly produce such levels of civil protest, anger and disorder as to oblige Western governments to progressively curtail and revoke civil liberties, take more and more steps toward ever stricter government control, all for the sake of national security.

As the ideological facade gets thinner and thinner, near the point of evaporating completely, the underlying motives and goals on both sides will only be more fully exposed, leading to more open and bitter rivalry for the control of the two vital resources mentioned above.

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