Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cap and Trade = Madness, Stupidity, Ignorance, and Ultimately a Greater Depression

By Bud Burrell

[...] The Coal industry has been handed its own death warrant. At a time when our electric power generation needs all the help it can get, coal companies are being told they are to be shut down. Few Americans understand what this means, the size of the total infrastructure supporting the source of energy that produces literally 50% of our total electric power. From mining of the coal, to shipment to power plants, to technologies for handling pollution, Coal creates and supports literally millions of jobs in this country and abroad.

[...] As long as this issue of what the final Cap and Trade policy will look like remains in limbo, so will capital investment, not only in new energy fields, but also in housing, small business, and almost every other sector. Toss the similar uncertainty about health care into the mix, and we have crippled no less the 3/7th's of the entire US economy, along with those sectors’ job mix and new job creation. If this sounds insane to you, it is because it is.

[...] Throwing out our national security in the name of some twisted leftist agenda that is anti-democratic and anti-capitalist isn’t the answer. Punishment of those who have broken our laws seems to be out of play too. God knows politicians don’t want to be held accountable for their performance or criminality. Well, I am afraid that insulative luxury will ultimately be denied them. They better hope they can arm ACORN fast enough to keep the patriots in line.

Comment: Start making plans, immediately, to survive the coming Clinton/Bush/Obama/Congress/Fed Reserve/Wall Street caused train wreak. Move out of the inner city. My other work says we have about fifteen months until the second wave of the crash starts which will be deeper than the decline into March 2009. I hope we have that much time to reposition to survive the coming Greater Depression. If you think this will be another normal corrective recession then you will not be prepared. In cycles of history this is a five hundred year turn (which is a complicated subject that will not be discussed in detail here).

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