Friday, June 5, 2009

Muslim Agitprop and Disinformation

Muslim communist party members in Bosnia were trained by the Yugoslavian communist government in techniques of journalistic agitprop and disinformation. The original intent of this training was to deceive foreigners and control the Yugoslavian people. In the 1990’s the Bosnian Muslims brought their training in agitprop and disinformation to the aid of the Islamic jihad in the Balkans, but modified by the particular influence of Islam’s lack of respect for the sanctity of human life.

The technique in its most basic form is to cause injury to Muslims by Muslims but trick the Western and other foreign media into putting the blame on the enemy of the Muslims (Serbs, and later, Israelis, Armenians, etc.). The injury can be up to and include Muslims killing Muslims by shooting or bombing such as was done on three different occasions in Bosnian marketplaces where Western journalists were maneuvered nearby just before the Muslims bombed the marketplaces to fix the blame on the Serbs.

The Palestinians picked up these techniques which have been applied with gusto against Israel. The Left and media in the West have to a substantial degree repeatedly accepted the Palestinian deception. These techniques are being ramped up by the Taliban in Afghanistan and by other jihadist groups.

The deception at Racak in Kosovo in 1999 was used by a very willing USA to justify its bombing of Yugoslavia. In this case the KLA threw the dead bodies of their comrades killed in an earlier gunfight with Serbian police into a ditch. William Walker, an agent of US policy, ran interference to make sure the deception ran to completion in the Western media to pin a massacre on the Serbs. Therefore in the case of Racak we have to sadly conclude that the US government was a willing and knowing agent of a KLA agitprop and disinformation strategy of deception.

The Azerbaijanis tried this strategy of deception with the connivance of CNN to demonize the Armenians in the early 1990’s but the Armenians quickly stopped it by threatening to attack CNN (threat here meaning much more than a verbal threat).

It is important to recognize that this technique of agitprop and disinformation which includes killing their own people as necessary was developed by Muslims in Bosnia from whence it has spread to Muslim jihadist groups worldwide. In its ignorance and stupidity the Western media has repeatedly shown itself to be a willing victim of this Muslim strategy of deception.

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