Tuesday, June 30, 2009


By Bud Burrell

The most repeated and glaring reference I have made with regard to illegal naked short selling has been to its role as a tactical tool to launder money and evade taxes, moving money offshore for various terrorist enterprises, including organized crime, terrorists and narco-terrorists, domestic and international. I have proved this over and over again, in case after case, only to be met by a black hole of silence from our authorities. I have shown them link after link to name after name, all of them repeatedly involved with one another is hundreds of transactions. The silence of the response has been deafening.

I am now forced to query whether or not our SEC is in fact a supporting co-conspirator in these various criminal and terrorist enterprises by choice. There are reports of the topics of their meetings with the worst of these scum perpetrators. Billions of dollars of investments have been stolen or converted from the securities of thousands of companies and issuers, taken from the pockets of millions of individual investors. The SEC in its arrogance doesn’t even deny this anymore.

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