Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Obama follows Europe’s path to Dhimmitude

By: Bat Ye’or | Tuesday, November 16, 2004

[…] Europe wants to attract America into its own decay and delusion. The trans-Atlantic rapprochement can go two ways: America could draw nearer to Europe’s cult of Palestinianism, which is tantamount to submitting to bin Laden, the Arafat of America. Or the U.S. could bring Europe to her side. This later option is practically impossible today. Many Eurabian politicians have sternly predicted that the gap will not narrow. Not only social and demographic factors hinder this possibility, but Eurabian political leaders oppose it as they intend to maintain and cherish Arafat's iconic legacy. Moreover, Islamist terror from within and without is overwhelming Europe. Today it is not uncommon to hear Europeans express their disgust for Europe and their wish to emigrate. Europe, they say, is dead and has no future. They flee this Islamic-Christian dhimmi civilization where the native non-Muslims are deprived of their basic human rights under the yet unofficial shari’a rule that recognizes conditional peaceful co-existence only to dhimmis respectful of Islam. Going Europe’s way means a U.S. compliance to bin Laden and the denial of Islamist global terrorism, whose creator and promoter was Arafat, Europe’s hero and the demonic agent of its downfall.

Comment: Ye’or is prophetic; she wrote the above in 2004. Clinton and Bush moved America three quarters of the way to our Eurabia. Obama is the final act.

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