Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama is circumventing our democratic institutions to create a dictatorship

Is it not obvious that Obama is circumventing our democratic institutions to create a dictatorship? How else can one explain the unprecedented 32+ czars he has appointed that are not under any congressional oversight, or the joining of the State with big Corporate against the small businessman that is the backbone of social fabric, or the building of the ACORN brown shirts (a pincer movement; Obama on top down, his brown shirts from bottom up). Before the election democrat party operatives openly said that this time they planned to take power and keep it.

This is now it happened in the 1930's, the establishment of National Socialism by entering via democratic institutions then circumventing and neutralizing those democratic institutions. This was always destined to come to America from the Left. All the founding documents and major players in the history of National Socialism are on the Left (the historical revisionism has confused everyone on this).

Thinking that Obama is only a Progressive Socialist and Marxist keeps one blind. The playbook is National Socialism.

Here is the greatest irony: the Left thinks it is in control, but the moment it gained political control and started the circumvention of democratic institutions it came under the unconscious control of the built up passions and blood lust for payback that it has whipped itself into over the last two decades.

There is great danger ahead, and much suffering to come.

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