Sunday, July 5, 2009

The parasite will kill itself

By Wretchard (comment posted to PajamasMedia article ‘At the limit of Honduras‘).

Well the Left is built to defend itself, not to actually do anything like produce goods, services or happiness. It’s a meme which has evolved under evolutionary pressure, to self-replicate and survive. But it is also a parasite. Ultimately it kills its host. It killed its local host, the Soviet Union, but the global system provided enough energy for it survive. Its dormant form in the West, freed from the drag of the Eastern Bloc soon soaked up all the free nutrients it could. It soon bloated the UN, NGOs, Western Welfare State, EU, etc into tumors. This worked well enough as long as the economic system provided enough resources to tax. But now it’s gotten a hold of the United States, the ultimate prize; and it is in the process of strangling it. It’s like the Blob, feeding at an exponential rate. A million, a billion, a trillion. Soon a quadrillion dollars will not be enough to feed its appetite. It already wants to terraform the world; rearchitecture mankind. It may succeed in launching these disastrous projects, and in that case, the Left will eventually meet its end with people scraping it off with rocks from the ruins of the old world. But the parasite will kill itself.

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