Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Fatal Flaw in the Western Psyche

My work is along the thread that there is a fatal flaw in the Western psyche caused by a terrible mistake in Christian theology on the problem of evil. It was obvious to the early Christians that there is evil in the world, but how is evil created if God is good? They could not accept the idea the God would create evil. After St. Augustine of Hippo evil was defined by Christian theology as the absence of good, the privatio boni. In the modern secular mind the religious form has been stripped away but the essence of the privatio boni survives in the unconscious. Go up to anyone in the West and ask if man is essentially good or evil. Everyone will say that man is essentially good. Modern man suffers under the unconscious inflation that he is a god (another very big topic that I will not expand on here) and has inherited the privatio boni solution that evil is not real and is only the absence of good.

Modern secular Western man thinks he is essentially good and pushes his evil potential into the unconscious. His consciousness is inflated by the illusion that it is essentially good which drives a righteous thinking morality that ‘my thinking cannot be wrong’. This thinking morality has driven his intellect into all kinds of excesses such as the many isms of the 20th century that massacred over one hundred million people (and modern man looks down his nose at the Inquisition?). His unconscious holds the evil potential that his consciousness will not acknowledge which can grab him by the back of his neck to be projected onto his neighbor (such as anti-Semitism, or most recently the Obama types calling opponents of government single payer health care “domestic terrorists”).

This is moderated in most of us by social conventions and religious belief but strongly manifests in those that have above average power over the rest of us such as in the Western elites. Modern secular Western man thinks he is a god. What is the first thing a god does when we awakes? He creates. The elites, in self identification with the good, with a righteous thought morality, and suffering from inflation that he is a god awakes to his god like power over others as he acquires his position of authority. Something must be destroyed in order to create so we should not be surprised that he tries to remake man. Even conservative politicians like George Bush fell into this trap (although to a lesser extent then Obama or Clinton).

If this analysis is even partially correct then the problems with our civilization that we are discussing is also in each of us. Fjordman is probably correct that Western civilization will suffer a massive discontinuity to set the stage for a possible renewal, but if the foundation of the renewal stands on the mistakes of the past then it will fail. A Christian based civilizational renewal must pick up the thread from the early Christians and face head on the problem and reality of evil. In modern parlance, we need to acknowledge the reality of both good and evil in the human psyche.

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