Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stadiums, Hotels Warned of Terrorists (from emailed newsletter)

In the wake of the continuing story about the New York and Denver terrorist cells, federal authorities are issuing heightened security alerts (see story below) in what a USA Today front page article yesterday called “an unusual flurry of bulletins.”

Meanwhile, it is illuminating that this year, in the midst of repeated White House olive branches and apologies extended to the Muslim world, we are witnessing an apparent increase in homegrown potential terror.

In the eight years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 113 homegrown jihadists have been arrested in America — with 40 arrested this year alone! In other words, prior to this year, an average of 10 homegrown jihadists were arrested each year. We’re barely ¾ of the way through 2009 and we’ve already seen four times that many homegrown jihadists arrested.

Is this just a case of better enforcement? Or is it an increase in terrorist cells and potential terrorists? We believe it’s the latter.

We’ve seen this phenomenon before. In Britain, after years of “outreach” and accommodations to Muslim demands (including the official sanction of shariah courts), terrorist threats have increased, not decreased.

In other words, attempting to fight a “war on terror,” while capitulating to the ideology behind the terror, is a losing strategy. We can help fight the war against Islamic terrorism by pushing back against this failed strategy — which is precisely what we are doing in ACT! for America.

Comment: Coming to an America city near you care of the Islamic Jihad, Inc.

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