Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Terrible Lies Promising Transparency And Their Reality Today

Written by: Bud Burrell (article link)

9/23/2009 8:46 PM

Today, this Administration, supported by the Democratic Party’s regulars excepting one holdout voted 12 to 11 to negate any attempt at giving the American public a 72 hour look at the proposed Obamacare Health Reform legislation. This motion was made to allow the entire American public and all of the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate to read this bill in its entirety.

Democratic Congressmen and Senators made every attempt to kill this initiative, saying that presenting this entire 1000 page (estimated) bill was a waste of time and that any readers would simply get lost in the complex verbiage. I think they were saying something entirely different from their intent.

Time after time, we have heard President Obama say one thing in the election cycle, but contradict promises made in the head of such battle as being trivial and unimportant. The first major promise he made was to get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He broke that promise, then made another promise he intends to break regarding supporting our troops in Afghanistan. He promised to put the harassment of CIA officials behind him, only to have his Attorney General reopen cases put to bed in 2004. CIA morale is reported at an all time low, worse than it was under Admiral Turner and President Carter after the so-called Saturday Night Massacre, when over 800 top covert operators were terminated on a Saturday night so that they could not appeal their termination to the Federal Employment Commission.

Then there is the disgraceful scandal surrounding the infamous ACORN, an illegal RICO organization bagged by a couple of twenty something kids outing the worst scandal since Nixon’s impeachment. It is what surrounds ACORN that is even more terrifying, those units being the Tides Foundation backed by George Soros, the Apollo Alliance run by John Podesta hand-picked by Soros for the job, and SEIU, the thuggish Union, and some 260+ other organizations backed by this coterie of criminals, ultra-leftists, and outright Communist revolutionaries. Seems someone in the Democratic Party really blew the background affiliation research into then Candidate Obama.

The attack we see now is an undisguised attack on the very fabric of individual rights, republican government, and capitalism. Anyone not seeing that needs a brain transplant. This same group is supporting an attempt to indoctrinate children as young as elementary school with anti-capitalist propaganda, without any approval of the parents of the children. 

Obama in now parsing his words, saying that if you benefit from something the Government gives you, then it isn’t a tax. What kind of Lewis and Carroll logic did this claptrap come from? First he gives us Cap and Tax (the naïve called it “Trade”) and now he tell us that since we benefit from it, it isn’t a tax. He is trying to apply the same logic to his ill-conceived and duplicitous Health Care program, saying that these increased costs will keep this deficit neutral with no loss of benefits. Lying at this level transcends manipulation into the terrain of narcissism and sociopathic amorality.

What has to be clear to EVERY American is that this man and his minions don’t give a tinker’s damn about either the systems our forefathers died for, nor for the rights of any individual to question his Government when they spout poison fruit juice that might taste all right, but that poisons the body politic.

Today, the clown SEN Harry Reid said that the Democrats were ready to go to the so-called “Nuclear Option” to pass Obamacare, by calling the Health Care Reform Bill a budget item and thereby making it possible for a “reconciliation” vote of just 51 Senators to pass the bill. If this happens, this Government will lock up like it was hit in the head with a figurative sledge hammer. I would expect immediate impeachment proceedings at the State level to recall their Democratic Congressmen and women and their Senators, along with any Republicans joining in this arrogant effort.

Causing such a terrible upheaval in our political systems will wreak havoc as yet to be defined or imagined. I say that this borders on treason. I have studied these laws, and I can find nothing that excuses such legislative behavior, no law nor rationale of any kind. Please contact your respective legislators’ offices, no matter what the Party, and tell them that if they pass either bill, Cap and Trade/Tax or Health Care Reform, they will be ripped from their offices before 2010, irrespective of the price or party affiliation.

There are times for compromise and a spirit of bi-partisanship, and this is NOT one of them. Don’t allow anyone to sell this fertilizer to you. The poisoned political gas it will emit will be disastrous to this nation, yes, even deadly to its corpus. Tell your representatives to listen to you or suffer the consequences of a motivated electorate. No one alive today has been alive to see such disruption as this will cause here. This will turn the entire country into a powder keg. If your conscience prevents you from opposing this maneuver, don’t expect to have any standing with those whose personal courage won’t permit this destruction of our Constitution’s principles. We shipped the Tories back to England at the end of the Revolution, and ships are a lot bigger today.

Comment: Start planning to survive the Obama dark ages. Pack your bags.

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