Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The American establishment is turning Nazi

by Howard S. Katz (article link)

“In words of one syllable, the individuals who murder people under the Obama health care program are not acting in accord with law. It is impossible to legalize murder under the United States Constitution. Bureaucrats who accept jobs with the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology are murderers. The congressmen who voted for the creation of that agency and the President who signed it into law are murderers. And the doctors who actually carry those murders out are, of course, murderers also. What is happening is the take-over of the Government of the United States by a criminal class who is pretending to be justified by law. This is the concept of under-color-of-law (the commission of a crime while pretending to be acting as upholders of the law). “

“This idea was extensively employed by the Nazis. Once they abolished the German constitution, there was no law in Germany, but the Nazis managed to convince the majority of the German people that there was and that it had been changed from “thou shalt not commit murder” to “thou shalt commit murder.” The bizarre behavior of most of the German population and its willingness to obey Hitler’s orders came in large part from this concept of under-color-of-law.”

“What we are seeing as a social phenomenon is the party of love turning into the party of hate. This happened in Germany in the 1920s as the Social Democrats turned into the Nazis. The party of love in America did not have a special name. From 1933-2008, it was simply the left wing of the Democratic Party. Under the leadership of Barack Obama, these people are turning from love to hate and moving from left to right. We know what happened in Germany, and we know what happened in previous periods of history. The party of love turned into the party of hate and perpetrated mass murders on a scale which shocks us today. Then the world made up a pack of lies so that they could hide this fact from themselves.”

Comment: Our time is very similar to the 1930's. National Socialism will not come to America from the Right but from the Left as it did in Germany.

The party of love turning into the party of hate reminds me of what Carl Jung called enantiodromia (which he credits to Heraclitus) which is the idea that all things revert to their opposite. In Jungian psychology the tension of the opposites in the psyche can build up an imbalance sufficient to cause a sudden shift to the opposite pole.
The psyche of modern man alternates between megalomania and inferiority. In his megalomania he loves his self image as all loving and represses consciousness of his hate which is his evil shadow. All challenges to his self image activate his hate. The more he succeeds in the world with his love the more reality will challenge his action and effects in the world which strengthens his hate. The enantiodromic switch to the opposite, to hate, is inevitable.

The Social Democrats in Germany in the 1930’s switched from love to hate and became the Nazis. Why will it be any difference for the current party of love in America? The enantiodromic switch to the opposite, to hate, is again inevitable.

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