Friday, October 16, 2009

Disarming America

by J. R. Nyquist (article link)

“Under the present administration the policy is clear: The American side gives up one strategic advantage after another; and the Russians have come to expect these concessions. Logically, the Kremlin envisions a day when there is a final concession; a concession that cannot be revoked; a concession that is strategically decisive. Perhaps the arms reduction talks of today are approaching that point. Once the U.S. reduces its nuclear arsenal below 500 warheads – especially if those warheads are kept on submarines - a successful Russian preemptive attack becomes possible. “

“[…] President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton treat with the Russians as though America was guilty of imperialist ambition and trickery. They give Russian military experts unprecedented access to U.S. missile sites. Could it be, having sat in the Trinity United Church of Christ, listening to Rev. Jeremiah Wright calling God's wrath down on America, that Barack Obama is unconsciously setting up our nuclear destruction? “

Comment: America is committing suicide but so is the rest of the Western world. It is a deconstruction of civilization and is a key concept which was touched upon by Mr Nyquist in his use of the word ‘unconsciously’.

Its symptoms in the culture are the secular religions of multiculturalism and political correctness which is unconsciously driven by the religious function in the psyche. It is an inflation that grabs one from the back of the neck, a possession of the thought fantasy forms of consciousness. The inherited cultural self is being progressively negated by an avalanching self-feeding process of deconstruction (self destruction). This self destruction is unconsciously being played out (projected into) the world.

The possession targets the projection of good and evil into the world. In the West good was historically projected on what is near and familiar and evil onto the remote. In the 1960’s there was a psychic reversal where evil was re-projected onto what is near (the inherited culture) and good onto the remote (the rest of the world).

History has DNA markers. There are several periods in history where a superior civilization that is near exhaustion uses magic wand thinking to wish away what threatens it with all the tragic consequences that follow. America is now at the stage of magic wand thinking in the age of weapons of mass destruction.

This is where the unconscious process of cultural deconstruction is leading the West, to its demise.


Marcel said...

The handwriting has been on the wall for a long time.
To whom much is given much is required.
Therefore America's judgment will be more severe.
When the Creator becomes your enemy,it's over.
How can any sane student of history with an ounce of morality think that God would allow a filthy,perverted nation to sell it's wares, (homosexual marriage being only 1 of them) globally and not be destroyed when history is replete with this last straw dooming nations and empires before it.

Arius said...
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Arius said...

Years ago in church an Armenian priest said that God can withdraw his grace from America, that we should not take it for granted. I believe that the priest, Mr Nyquist, Marcels' comment, and my comment are all inspired by the same vision or intuition