Monday, October 26, 2009

The end of the Anglican Communion?

By Richard Fernandez (article link)

The Roman Catholic Church is living through an extraordinary historical moment. It is facing two religious competitors. From one side, there is the religion which pretends to be a political movement — socialism/communism. From the other flank there is the political movement which pretends to be a religion — Islam.  Both religions have massive amounts of money, heavy weaponry and great cultural power. Pope Benedict has probably looked at the ancient but fragile ramparts of Rome and realized that unless something turns up, they may not hold. Indeed, any normal assessment of forces would conclude that Benedict’s Church is doomed. The future looks like a face-off between socialist secularism and unbending Islam.  How can Christianity even hope to keep the field? The full power of political correctness are marshaled on the one hand, and the multitudinous throngs of the Jihad are arrayed on the other. Never mind Canterbury’s end. What odds would you give Rome?

Comment: Peel back the layers of the above concept of the Roman Catholic Church facing two religious competitors. Underneath I find Western Civilization in the middle of the hammer and the anvil of the spirit of our time. Not the modern concept of spirit as mind or intellect but the spirit known to the ancient world and middle ages, a spirit which is a mix of opposites, the hammer and anvil. The building alliance of the Left (including the national socialist left) with the Islamic jihad then is obvious and inevitable. They both underneath are of the same spirit, cooperatively squeezing life out of the West.

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