Sunday, October 11, 2009

Everyone seems to think that the Islamic jihad against the West started on 911

By Manzikert

Everyone seems to think that the Islamic jihad against the West started on 911. It actually started in the 1920's when al Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Included in its goals from the beginning is a worldwide war on the infidel. George Habash admitted this to Orianna Fallaci. In the 1930's the MB was allied to and receiving assistance from the Nazis. After the war many Nazis fled to Egypt and Syria and helped the military of those countries. To this very day Mein Kampf is a best seller in Muslim countries, and you can easily find a picture of Hitler in the homes of many Muslims in the Middle East. During the war and into the 1950's the MB spread rapidly across North Africa and the Middle East, and is at the foundation of Hamas and Hezbollah. Fatah was built up by Arafat who is related to the Mufti that was allied to the Nazis in WW2. Note the Nazi salute is still used by Muslim militaries.

None of this would have mattered must to us except for the insane immigration policy of countries in the West that let in large numbers of Muslims, in Europe more than the US. It is to the point in Europe where Muslims know that they will eventually dominate the continent (and the UK). This is openly admitted by Muslims in the Middle East. They quite openly say that the goal is a Muslim dominated Europe, and demographers have documented the very much higher Muslim birthrates compared to native Europeans (the latter have dropped to less than replacement rate).Every third child born today in France is a Muslim child. Europe, as we know it, is the walking dead. The day will come when Muslims in Western Europe destroy the inheritance of Western Civilization like they destroyed it in Kosovo and Bosnia.

In the US the number of Muslims is still low, but they exert a huge influence at all levels of our institutions due to massive funding by Middle Eastern oil producers. Note that almost all of our VIP ex-government officials are on the Muslim payroll in one form or another, advancing Muslim interests in the US. The list is very long, so only mentioned here is that there are many advisors to the Obama, Bush, and Clinton administrations that represent Muslim interests. Nearly all the Middle Eastern studies departments in our universities have fallen under the influence of the Saudis since the 1970’s. The Middle Eastern specialists produced have a dhimmified view of Islam, and now infect all levels of our government and private institutions. This is why we were blind to the coming 911 attack.

And we are still blind. All of you on the left and right, you are blind. You can fight or you can appease the Islamic jihad against the West, Patriot Act or no Patriot Act, bases in Saudi Arabia or not – it won’t matter one bit. Islam is an implacable enemy which the Byzantines learned to their regret. This jihad against the West started in the 1920’s and you either think it will go away if you appease it (or help Israel to fall to slaughter), or fight it overseas while playing multicultural PC at home (remember Bush saying ‘Islam is a religion of peace’?). Islam knows that Europe is in the bag, and only has to take down the US. They know they don’t have the numbers in the US to overrun it like Europe, but they think of one attack that will cripple the US national psyche and economy, and that is to take out New York. They speak of it; they already planned and executed two attacks over ten years apart. It has been eight years since the last attack. I personally will not live in New York, for obvious reasons.

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