Monday, October 12, 2009

Global Warming I. Just Revealed As a Gigantic Scientific Deception

Posted by Anders (article link)

Summary: Again, IPCC- providers postulate anthropogenic global warming after a period of 11 years of cooling, which were, of course, global warming, nevertheless! The manmade CO2 myth goes back to Edmund de Rothschild (1987) - 28.53 min but was incarnated by Keith Briffa´s (1995) "detection" of a positive correlation between summer temperature and the width of treerings in Yamal, Siberia. The material had been provided by 2 Russians - on their mere words, although it might just as easily have been from St. Petersburg! Briffa got a professorship with this material, when with  just 3 drill cores he claimed historical and scientific evidence of the medieval warm period to be nonsense! Since he corroborated with cores from 12 trees! In return, temperature was stated not to have been higher over the last 2000 years than about the year 2000! Michael Mann built a hockey stick curve on Briffas "finds"- the symbol of aggressive global warming. They would not surrender their material for contol testing through 10 years - until the Royal Society at the request of Steve McIntyre forced them to do so. Then the whole web of lies fell to the ground: Briffas own material showed that there is no positive correlation between the Siberian summer temperature and the widths of  treerings. Furthermore, Briffa had selected the 12 trees that showed rising temperature / treering correlation, omitting a material from many more neighboring trees. After they were plotted in, there was no correlation whatsoever! The treering method itself is unsuitable as an indicator because of the local influence of moisture, nutrients, etc. Briffa and Mann led the IPCC, who never intervened. These 2 men are the instigators of the crazy political and corporate climate ideology that real climatologists cannot see a basis for. It's all a huge lie - built on anti-science. But it does not stop the IPCC or the New World Order politicians.  Neither Mann! For they are living entirely on lies. Mann now has just made himself the laughing stock of hurricane experts with an amateur hurricane-hockey stick!

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